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Opinion No. 31-294

October 14, 1931

BY: Quincy D. Adams, Asst. Attorney General

TO: Mrs. Georgia L. Lusk, Supt. of Public Instruction, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

{*112} This is in reply to your letter of October 13, 1931, requesting an opinion from this office as to whether or not a chiropractor is authorized to issue a certificate under Section 110-327, 1929 Code, exempting children from vaccination.

It is my opinion that a chiropractor is not a "duly licensed and practicing {*113} physician", within the meaning of said section. See Isaacson vs. Wisconsin Casualty Assn., 203 N. W. 918, 920, 187 Wis. 25.

 You are being directed to the most recent version of the statute which may not be the version considered at the time of the judgment.